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The ArcGIS connector is used to import layers from an ArcGIS server via ArcGIS REST API, using the following syntax:



  1. Choose an option:
    • If you want to create a dataset, click Catalog > Datasets and click the New dataset button.
    • If you want to add a source to an existing dataset, click Catalog > Datasets and select the desired dataset. Then, click Add a source.
  2. In the wizard that opens, select ArcGIS under the Configure a remote service section.
  3. Configure your HTTP connection to import the ArcGIS layer:
    • Under the Connection information to the HTTP server section, enter the URL to the ArcGIS server in the Server URL box. For example,
    • Under the Path section, enter the path to the layer. For example, /ArcGIS/rest/services/Hurricanes/NOAA_Tracks_1851_2007/MapServer/0.
  4. From the preview of the first 20 records that appears, configure the source.
  5. Configure the dataset information or use the prefilled values:
    • In the Dataset name field, enter the title for this dataset.
    • In the Dataset technical identifier field, enter a meaningful identifier for this dataset.
    • If you want anyone with access to your domain to be able to explore the dataset, toggle off Access restricted to allowed users and groups.





Decode values

Decode coded values for a domain

For coded domains in ArcGIS, coded values are associated with a more user-friendly description, for example, "70" for "Bus lane".

When the source includes coded values, this option is toggled on by default.

Coded values (for example, "70") are decoded to display a more user-friendly description of what the code value means (for example, "Bus Lane").

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