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The Eco Counter connector retrieves count data from Eco Counter's Eco-Visio platform. It creates a dataset with records about counting sites and counters.

Using the Eco Counter connector, you can retrieve two types of data:

  • Eco Counter Data provides data about a counter, including the counting Site ID where the counter is installed, etc.
  • Eco Counter Sites provides data about counting sites, including site position, installation date, etc.
This connector is not available by default. Please contact Opendatasoft for the activation of this connector on a given Opendatasoft domain.


Before you begin, retrieve your Eco Counter API key.

  1. Choose an option:
    • If you want to create a dataset, click Catalog > Datasets and click the New dataset button.
    • If you want to add a source to an existing dataset, click Catalog > Datasets and select the desired dataset. Then, click Add a source.
  2. In the wizard that opens, select EcoCounter under the Configure a remote service section.
  3. Under the Retrieve data from EcoCounter section, enter your EcoCounter API key in the API key box.
  4. From the preview of the first 20 records that appears, do the following:
    1. From the Type list, select whether you want to retrieve Eco Counter Data or Eco Counter Sites.
    2. Configure the source.
  5. Configure the dataset information or use the prefilled values:
    • In the Dataset name field, enter the title for this dataset.
    • In the Dataset technical identifier field, enter a meaningful identifier for this dataset.





Beginning of the period

Start date of the data period (included). If no start date has been defined, the first data date will be used.

From the calendar, select the start date.

End of the period

End of the data period (included). If no end date has been defined, the last data date will be used.

From the calendar, select the end date.


Data interval

From the step list, select the data interval.

Complete data holes with null values

Completes data holes with null values

This option is toggled on by default.




Extract channels

Extracts the list of the channels of the counting site

Toggle on this option to extract the list of the channels of the counting site in additional fields.

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