How to configure an HTTP connection to the France Travail API

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Below are instructions on how to configure an HTTP connection to the France Travail APIs using the OAuth2 authentication method.

To create and configure the connection:

  1. In your back office, first create a new HTTP connection
  2. Then, fill in these different fields:
    1. The main URL in order to retrieve the data. In the case of France Travail's APIs, the URL is
    2. Under "Authentication method," select OAuth2
    3. The "Token endpoint URL" should be
  3. You must create your own France Travail API account. With that, you can create an application and obtain your "Client ID" and "Client Secret". Copy and paste those values here.
  4. Finally, fill in the "Scope." For example, this might be api_offresdemploiv2 o2dsoffre, though note that these are just an example, and your values can be different.
Don't hesitate to read the API documentation on the France Travail website. For example, you can find information there about the "offreemploi" API.

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