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In Studio, editing the page layout of your page allows you to configure how your content is displayed to your audience.

The structure for each page is defined by its layout, which consists of sections and blocks:

  • A page can contain up to 40 sections.
  • Each section can contain up to four blocks.
  • All blocks of a section automatically have an equal width. For example, if a section contains one block, it will be 100% wide. If a section contains two blocks, each block will be 50% wide, etc.

Opening the layout editor

The layout editor can be accessed from the main page, in the sidebar on the left.

If you just created the page and didn't create any block yet, you will be able to directly create your first section from a button.

Adding sections

Using sections, you can define the page structure. Once you added a section, you can add blocks inside this section.

  1. Click Add section at the bottom of the section list.
  2. Select the number of blocks you want to have inside the section.
  3. Click Save.

The added section appears at the end of the section list. It also appears in the preview pane.

If you change your mind, you can add or delete blocks from this section afterward. If you delete the last block of a section, both block and section will disappear.

Adding blocks

A block allows you to add content to a section.

  1. From the left side pane, open the Arrange your blocks menu.
  2. Click the + on the right side of the section in which you wish to add a block. If the section already has four blocks, it cannot host more and the + is absent.
  3. Click Save.

The added block appears in the desired section, at the far right.

Rearranging elements

You can rearrange blocks and sections by dragging them and dropping into the desired spot of the left side pane. Neither sections nor blocks can be moved outside the left side pane.

  1. Sections have a dedicated handle on their top left side. Drag the section while clicking on this handle to move the whole section. Release the handle to drop the section.
  2. Blocks do not have handle, you can click anywhere in it do drag them into another spot.
    1. You can move a block to another section, as long as the target section is not at full capacity (i.e four blocks). Moving the last block of a section removes the section from the page.
    2. You can create a new section by moving a block between two sections, above the first section or on the Add section button. The block will be the only one in the newly created section, but you can add other blocks by clicking +.

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