Transform boolean columns to multivalued field processor

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The Transform boolean columns to multivalued field processor transforms true values from boolean fields into a multivalued field.

Setting the processor

To set the parameters of the Transform boolean columns to multivalued field processor, follow the indications from the table below.




Boolean fields

Boolean fields from the dataset


Values considered as 'false'

All values from the dataset's boolean fields which are considered as "false"


Empty field is 'false'

Set if the empty fields from the dataset must be considered as "false"


Use labels instead of field names

Set if the former boolean fields must be displayed in the new multivalued field with their labels or with their field names (meaning their technical identifiers)


Remove boolean fields after processing

Set if boolean fields used in the processor must be removed from the dataset after the processing



Separator to use to separate multivalued records from the new field. Default separator is ,.


Output field

Field containing the multivalued records from the boolean fields used in the processor. It can be an existing field chosen from the list, or a new field created for that purpose (in that case, choose "Input text" from the list and write the name of the new field in the text area below).


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