Commenting via Disqus

Disqus is an optional feature and is not activated on every Opendatasoft portal. Activation is done by a portal's administrators.

Disqus is a service that can be integrated into an Opendatasoft portal. It allows users to post comments in order to share ideas, opinions, or to ask questions about a dataset. It is also possible to answer another user's comment.

Comment on a dataset or reply to someone's comment

  1. Go to the Comments tab of the chosen dataset.
  2. (optional) If you are not authenticated on Disqus yet, choose an authentication option (through Disqus, Facebook, Google, etc., or by creating a whole new Disqus account).
  3. Either write a message in the "Start a discussion" textbox, or click Reply under an existing comment to "Join the discussion."
  4. Once the comment is fully written, click on Post as [username] below the comment textbox.
Disqus also allows the sharing of comments or whole discussions through social networks.
Disqus comments are moderated by the portal administrators, which can be recognized by the "MOD" inscription next to their Disqus username. They have the right and possibility to delete comments, as well as to ban users.

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