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By default, every portal has overall quota limits. But you can set up more specific limits, for example to keep individual users from using your plan's entire quota by themselves. Opendatasoft allows you to set generic per-user limits for both authenticated and anonymous users, as well as an overall limit for all anonymous users.

To set these limits, go to your portal's back office, under Configuration > Security.

Checking for limits

When a user makes a request (be it an API call, or the creation or publication of a dataset), we first check if they haven't run into the default limit set for them, and then if they haven't exceeded the your portal's global limit. If they have hit any of those limits, a message will pop-up to let them know.

Setting specific limitations for individual users and groups of users

Some of your users have specific roles within your organization, and that justify their need for quotas larger than the default ones. For example, you may allow registered users to make a limited number of API calls, but your Chief Data Officer needs to be able to make as many as your license allows.

In order to do so, you'll have to go to the user's management page or their group management page to set a more appropriate limit for their use case.

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