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This connector is not available by default. Please contact Opendatasoft for the activation of this connector on a given Opendatasoft domain.

The Salesforce connector is used to extract data from the REST API.

Note that to use this, an application on the Salesforce instance must be created and configured. Please refer to the Salesforce documentation for more information.

To create a Salesforce connector, in your back office click on Create a new dataset and select the Salesforce connector under "Configure a remote service." There, fill out the information described below.





Client Id

Consumer key from the connected application definition.

Indicate the client ID in the textbox.

Client Secret

Consumer Secret from the connected application definition.

Indicate the client secret in the textbox.


End-user’s username.

Indicate the username in the textbox.


End-user’s password.

Indicate the password in the textbox.

Security Token

End-user’s security token.

Indicate the security token in the textbox.


The specific API name of the table in Salesforce.

This is the table to which you are trying to connect.

Click Continue. In step 3, you can click on the Configuration button to see the options below.




Use Sandbox

To use the Salesforce sandbox for tests.

By default this is not enabled. Enable this to use the sandbox.

Disable incremental updates

To return all data, not just the latest updates.

By default this is not enabled, which means the connector only returns the data that was added since the last update. Enable this to have the connector fetch all of the data each time the connector is run.

Filtered Fields

Fields to retrieve from the object and its dependencies.

In the textbox. Indicate the API name of the Salesforce's field you want to fetch.

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