Adding an image block to a Studio page

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In Studio, you can add an image block to your page.

Adding the image

  1. From the preview pane, click the block you want to edit
  2. From the left side pane, select Image as the block type
  3. Click Next
  4. Click Add and image
  5. Select if your image will be ODS asset, a file from your computer, or from a URL
    1. For ODS assets or URL, enter the appropriate URL
    2. For My computer, you can browse for the image, or drag and drop it into the appropriate space
      Note that there is a file size limit of 2MB.
  6. Preview the image, and if satisfied click on Validate
  7. You can provide an alternative text in case the image breaks and for accessibility.
    WCAG recommendations stipulate that if the image is meaningful, you should provide alternative text. However, purely decorative images should be ignored by screen readers. In that case, leave the alternative text field empty.
  8. Finally, under "Media settings" you can choose the size and format of your image from the choices there
  9. Click Save

And you're done!

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