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Welcome to the Opendatasoft platform!

Opendatasoft is an all-in-one SaaS platform that allows all teams to quickly create compelling digital experiences with their data and share them across their internal and external ecosystems. 

Our platform allows you to manage your entire data value chain:

  • Automate the connections to your data sources and gather them into a single catalog that can be accessed without the need for special skills
  • Organize and improve the quality of your data with our processors and enrich it with third-party data
  • Make your data intelligible through visualizations (dashboards, maps, stories, etc.)
  • Share your data experiences with the users of your choice, through your website, apps files, or create internal or external portals
  • Encourage the re-use of your data (APIs, files, etc)

Can I use Opendatasoft without an account?

If you do not have an Opendatasoft account, and the portal you want to access is open to unauthenticated users, you are not required to create an account.

Using Opendatasoft as an authenticated user

  1. Using any web browser, go to the Opendatasoft workspace of your choice and submit your credentials (the email and password you chose when creating your account) to log in to the chosen Opendatasoft workspace.
  2. If logging in for the first time, accept Opendatasoft's terms of use.

Once logged in as an Opendatasoft user, you can navigate the workspace's portal (end-user interface) to explore the catalog and datasets and even go further by creating maps and charts. If you have the right permissions, you can access the back office (administration interface), where it is possible to publish data, create content, and manage and configure the workspace.

Depending on the Opendatasoft workspace, there are two ways to get an account:

  • You create a new account by clicking the Signup button that can be available in the top right corner, for example on our Data Hub or the UK Power Networks open data portal, though note that not all Opendatasoft portals allow users to sign up.
  • You are invited to an Opendatasoft workspace by its administrator. The new user then receives an email with a link to create a new account.

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