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The WFS connector is used to extract data from a WFS service.

This connector is not available by default. Please contact Opendatasoft for the activation of this connector on a given Opendatasoft domain.


  1. Choose an option:
    • If you want to create a dataset, click Catalog > Datasets and click the New dataset button.
    • If you want to add a source to an existing dataset, click Catalog > Datasets and select the desired dataset. Then, click Add a source.
  2. In the wizard that opens, select WFS under the Configure a remote service section.
  3. Configure your HTTP connection:
    • Under the Connection information to the HTTP server section, enter the URL to the server in the Server URL box.
    • Under the Path to the file section, enter the path to the layer. It must contain the TypeName parameter. (for example, /wfs?service=WFS&TypeName=layername)
  4. From the preview of the first 20 records that appears, configure the source.
  5. Configure the dataset information or use the prefilled values:
    • In the Dataset name field, enter the title for this dataset.
    • In the Dataset technical identifier field, enter a meaningful identifier for this dataset.





File encoding

Encoding of the file

Character encoding is the way characters are represented in a saved file. Unicode (or UTF-8) is the universal standard, but some files might be encoded in a legacy format (for example,old versions of Excel), which would require setting the encoding manually. On modern software, this is usually unnecessary.

By default, the platform uses a heuristic to guess the encoding. If the guessed encoding is not right, select the right encoding to apply from the list or enter it in the Other text box. You can use any aliases from Python.




Indicate the EPSG code matching the coordinate system (SRS)

Forces the SRS value if missing from the remote WFS service.

Enter the right EPSG code in the box.

Force the coordinate system conversion to WSG84

Converts the geographical coordinates to EPSG:4326.

By default, this option is toggled on.

Invert coordinates

Some WFS services return the coordinates reversed. This option inverts the coordinate order.

By default, option is toggled off.




Extract filename

Creates a new column with the name of the source file.

By default, this option is toggled off. Toggle on this option to extract the file name in an additional column.

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