Normalize Projection Reference processor

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The Normalize Projection Reference processor handles a geopoint or a geoshape with a projection system different from a WGS84 field. The field value containing a geopoint or geoshape other than a WGS84 representation is replaced with its WGS84 representation.

For example, if the EPSG code is set to 27572, the processor will consider that the original geofield contains coordinates expressed in Lambert Zone II.

The input must be expressed with the same logic as a WGS84 geo-coordinate: Y,X.

Setting the processor

To set the parameters of the Normalize Projection Reference processor, follow the indications from the table below.





Field that will be normalized, containing a geopoint or a geoshape with another projection system than WGS84


Source epsg code

EPSG code of the source coordinates system


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