Configuring page information

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In Studio, you can configure the page title, URL, and description. These pieces of information are required to publish a page. For more information, see Publishing a page.

Always keep the needs of your audience in mind when choosing the page title, URL, and content.
  1. From the left side pane, click Fill in page details in the Page information section.
  2. Enter the general page information in the corresponding fields:
    • Page title: the page title appears in the list of pages and is used as the tab title when browsing the page.
    • URL: the default URL is prefilled according to the page title. You can change the URL freely, as long as the page is not published. If you need to change the page URL after publishing, you need to unpublish the page first. Please note that changing a URL will break all the existing links that pointed to the previous URL.
    • Description: the page description is used for accessibility purposes.
  3. Click Save to save the entered information.

Please note that changing the title or the description after publishing the page will trigger the Draft status. It means that you must publish your page to make the changes visible for the visitors.

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