Data Collection Forms associated with your Opendatasoft workspace

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This feature is an add-on and is not available by default in your Opendatasoft plan.

Once you have access to the Data Collection Form feature, it is managed in two spaces:

  • Your Opendatasoft workspace, where you configure the feature and manage the feaure's users—the instructions on this page
  • The account you set up on, a site built by Umami for this feature, where you create and manage your forms

To get started, first log in to your Opendatasoft workspace, and see below for how to manage who gets to use the feature, and how.

Configuring the feature in Opendatasoft

There are three different roles your users can perform when using Data Collection Form: administrator, moderator, and contributor.

  • Administrators create and configure your forms, and have access to all form contributions. To access your site, an administrator must belong to your Opendatasoft workspace.
  • Moderators are assigned to specific forms to manage their contributions (review and approval, modification, or deletion). To access the site, a moderator must belong to your Opendatasoft workspace.
  • A contributor can be anyone—someone in your organization, or simply anyone to whom you send a link to the form.

Adding an administrator

When you have the feature, your back office will have a new group called "" To add an administrator, add the user to the group to grant them administrator access.

Adding a moderator

When you have the feature, your back office will have a new group called " - Moderators." (See the screenshot above.) To add a moderator, add the user to the - Moderators group to grant them moderation rights.

Remember that being made a moderator does not automatically give you access to any actual forms or contributions. Moderators are given access to specific forms from those forms' configuration pages.

Who can be a contributor

You can share a link or QR code for the form with anyone you like, and anyone with that link can contribute.

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