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The Delete record processor deletes existing records from a dataset based on field values or a condition. Records are deleted from the dataset's current version as well as the previous versions in the history.

This processor is designed to be used to maintain and update datasets. For example, suppose a dataset contains a list of companies with information such as the company name, status, number of employees, etc. In that case, this dataset is regularly updated to make sure that all information about these companies is still valid.

You can configure the Delete record processor to delete records concerning specific companies that have closed their doors:

  1. Select the field containing the company name in the processor parameters.
  2. Enter the name of the closed company in the "Value to skip" field.

The processor will delete the following records that contain the name of the closed company in the specified field:

  • The record from the most recent source from the last update
  • The records from all previous sources of the dataset
You cannot preview the changes made by the processor in the Processing tab.
To see the changes made by the processor to the dataset, save, publish, and explore the dataset in the front office.

Delete record processor parameters

The following table lists the Delete record processor parameters. For more information about expressions, see the Expressions processor article:




The field containing the value on which record deletion is to be based.

If you enter a boolean expression as the Value to skip parameter, the Field parameter is not used.

Value to skip

The Boolean expression or value on which record deletion is to be based.

If you enter a Boolean expression, only records for which the expression is true are deleted.

Exact match

When selected, the processor will only delete records that contain an exact match for the value to skip in the specified field.

When cleared, the processor will delete records that contain the value to skip anywhere within the selected field. For example, suppose you enter Company as the value to skip and select the name field in the parameters. In that case, the processor will delete all records that contain values such as "Company" or "My Company" in their name field.

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