What's in a dataset

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Datasets are the beating heart of any Opendatasoft account, and the heart of any dataset is naturally the raw data itself. But an Opendatasoft dataset contains way more than just raw data.

The dataset interface notably allows you to understand what the data is, to explore it for specific records and values, to visualize and display the data, and several other actions.

On the left side are displayed:

The number of records in the dataset (1) and several dataset filters to find specific records and values (2).

On the right side are displayed:

The available tabs for the dataset (3), which can be:

  1. The Information tab, to know more about the metadata
  2. The Table, Map, Analyze, Images and Calendar tabs, to visualize the data in different ways
  3. The Export tab, to download the dataset
  4. The API tab, to use the dataset with the Opendatasoft API (see Using the API)
  5. The Comments tab, to discuss the dataset with other users, and the content of each tab (4)
Note that the Edit button next to the dataset title, as well as the Back office button in the navigation bar, are displayed only for authenticated users who have the permission to administrate that Opendatasoft domain.

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