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Data in the back office are always displayed in UTC. As such, datetime records without any specified timezone are assumed to be in, and are therefore converted into, UTC.

The Set timezone processor allows you to manually define the timezone of a datetime field.

For example, if a datetime field is missing the timezone ("2016-12-08T08:51:53"), or has an incorrectly formatted one, the processor can define or override the timezone value.

With this example, if you set the timezone to UTC, ran the processor and exported the data, this would output "2016-12-08T08:51:53+00:00", which corresponds to the offset for UTC.

We recommend always verifying that the timezone of your datetime data is present and correct.

The Set timezone processor allows to rectify the timezone expressed in the data itself.
See here for more information about timezones in Opendatasoft, and notably how to manage the timezone in which your data will be displayed.

Setting the processor

To set the parameters of the Set timezone processor, follow the indications from the table below.





Datetime field containing the date



Timezone to apply to the datetime field


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